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The company

C.I.M.E. Snc di Mingozzi is a family run company that for over 50 years has been working in the production of mica-based insulating materials used in the electromechanical, thermoelectric and thermomechanical sector.
C.I.M.E. Snc. was established in 1959 as a small artisan company and, even if over time it underwent a considerable technological development with cutting edge technology, it has maintained the same initial features: attention to customers, availability and professionalism.
We primarily aim at achieving customer satisfaction and we pursue an ongoing search for quality so as to ensure a high level product but at the same time competitive on the market.


The raw material is MICA that offers a wide range of exceptional properties. The mines are located mainly in India, China, Madagascar, Russia and Brazil.

Two types of mica can be extracted: Muscovite which contains a prevalence of potassium and Phlogopite with a prevalence of magnesium.

For the manufacturing of our products we use mica combined with a silicone resin and use both Muscovite, which has excellent mechanical properties and is suitable to work up to a temperature of 500°C in continuous operation, and Phlogopite that has better thermal properties and can work up to 700°C in continuous operation.